Online Course Create World Class Photos

Do you want to go beyond average photos and become the best photographers in the world?

Do you want to progress, want to change, want to make your mark on your photography path...

You want to create your Artwork far ahead of other competitors so that customers want and desire to own a set of photos taken by you.

  • He was the first and only Vietnamese photographer to receive the honor of becoming the Ambassador for Korean Tourism, helped promoting the beauty of Korea through his wedding photoshoots.
  • He's the ambassador for MagMod and Educator for Godox.
  • He has taken wedding photos for 1000+ couples in 20+ countries, including top Celebrities in Vietnam... 
  • He has trained professional photographers around the world on advanced photography .

With more than 10 years of experience in photography, Sam Nguyen has become a world-class wedding photographer. 

Learn Online With The World's Top Wedding Photographers

Unlock 5 Secrets to Creating World Class Photos

Secret 1: Create Mind-blowing Portraits

Secret helps you create portraits with soft and magical lighting that captures the eye and makes your photos unique.

You will know the secret to create photos with artistic and different lighting.
Build your brand and reputation in the photography industry, helping you stand out from other photographers.

You will understand the secret to creating photos with unique magic lights and effects that others CANNOT

Secret 2:  Master The Light

Secret 3: Creating Magical Photos

Secret 4: Creativity With Smoke

You'll learn the secrets to taking photos with magical light and smoke. Build unique photos that anyone must fall in love with...

Change the color of the environment, create the emotions of the photos according to your liking, and wishes to control the feeling of the picture.
You will become a light magician that makes customers fall in love...

Secret 5: Magical with Color Gels

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How do videos and training courses work?

Lighting Secret is an online experience. The curriculum for each class includes videos that can be viewed at any time and can be paused and watched as many times as you like. What's more, you can watch them not only on your computer but also on your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be reimbursed for my training?

Due to many secrets that will be revealed, refunds are not available for this program. If you are not serious about photography, this training is not for you, and you should focus on another area of ​​your life.

I am completely new to photography. Will this work for me?

100% yes, and that's great because you haven't developed bad habits in photography yet. In fact, some of the hardest people to train for me are those who already have their systems and think there are things that need to be done, need to change, and let go of old habits to move to a new level

Yes of course! Once Register the course and finish payment, you have instant access to all training, content, and bonus.

Do I have instant access to all content?

Investment for this course is effective or not?

Now, this is for those of you who think this is a big investment. 
The world of photography has changed, if you don't change and progress, you will be left behind.
Imagine, if you have better, more impressive photos, a lot of customers will come to you?
That's exactly what thousands of students have successfully done with Lighting Secret, and you will be next

I can't afford to buy the training right now.

If you can't invest that amount right now in yourself, in your photography to grow and scale it, chances are it's not for you. But at the same time, you will likely need Lighting Secret more than ever. So if you can't afford the spending right now to invest in yourself and your photography skill, my answer would be to wait until you're ready and then come back to this page. But, likely, we will probably be at a more expensive price, as the training is on sale at the moment.


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Name: Nguyen Ngoc Trong
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Address: 539 Nguyen Van Khoi Phuong 8 Go Vap - Ho Chi Minh city - Viet Nam

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Cảm Ơn bạn
đăng ký KHoá Học Online fineart LIGHTING

 Với khoá học này, bạn sẽ có thể Online bất cứ lúc nào 24/7  học với các bài giảng chi tiết của nhiếp ảnh gia Sam Nguyễn.

Giá trị bạn nhận được:

- Sở hữu toàn bộ khoá học vĩnh viễn, thường xuyên được cập nhật bài giảng mới
- 150+ file ảnh RAW để thực hành chỉnh sửa.
- 1000+ preset màu độc đáo
- Bộ Ebook cách set up ánh sáng chụp ảnh
- Tặng khoá học Hậu kỳ chỉnh ảnh FineArt nâng cao
Tổng cộng: 49.000.000 vnđ
Ưu đãi giảm chỉ còn:

2.490.000 VNĐ 

giảm 80% so với giá gốc

Chuyển khoản đăng ký khoá học:
Chủ tài khoản - Nguyễn Ngọc Sơn Lâm
VietComBank : 0171003461669 chi nhánh Phạm Hùng - Nam Sài Gòn
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